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Some of the past participants at our Space Career events.


What We Do

We are a team of international advisors for Governments, NGO and private companies on startup ecosystems, entrepreneurship development, and capacity building for . We provide career advice at the Space Career and Leadership Center, space events with SpaceJobFair, and space literacy education on the Astromerge Space Learning Platform. Our Space Advisers help startups and teams all over the world with mentorships and contacts to possible partners.


Our Approach

We specialize in pioneering solutions that bridge the realms of space exploration and terrestrial well-being. We provide services and guidance for stakeholder interested to engage in space projects. Our team pro-actively initiates research and development projects and collaborates with stakeholders all over the world.


Our Mission

Our mission is twofold: to propel humanity into the uncharted frontiers of long-term space exploration and to harness the knowledge gained from this endeavor to transform life on Earth.


 About Our Firm

Astromerge is a limited liable partnership based in Ohio. We collaborate with partners in Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, France, Spain, Japan, Chile, Serbia, UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Poland to establish space ecosystems. Please contact us if you want to engage in space projects too.




Astromerge Learning Platform

Trainings and Courses to learn the foundation for a career or business in space


Space Career 101 Online Course

Interested in Space but you are not sure where to find an internship, the best jobs for your background and skills, or to find out about the space career options in general? Here is the course for you to get an overview about the space industry, requirements and how to connect with recruiters. (Scholarships available through company sponsorships, ask us)


Columbus, Ohio, USA

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