#AFutureInSpace Pledge

by Alliance For A Sustainable Human Future in Space

We believe:

  • In a sustainable human future in Space and on Earth
  • Providing space education for all, more entry level jobs & support startups are the key enablers.
  • Knowledge about the mindful use of resources must be a part of everyone's learning experience.

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We strongly believe in a sustainable human presence and economy in space. It is necessary to develop and utilize space technologies as Earth is also in space and we must be mindful of our resources' usage to pave a path into a better future.

The 3 Core Concepts of Alliance For A Sustainable Human Future in Space


Ecosystems and space economy development to support entrepreneurship and careers in space, including events like SpaceJobFair, Space Internship Summits, and Space Industry Days. 


Our partners create, collect, and share success stories and best practices. The global ecosystem provides opportunities to promote opportunities through space technology.


Education is top priority, and we target to give 100k people/y access to affordable courses to learn about the great chances in space exploration. Partners will provide everything needed to launch a career or start a startup in space.

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The Pledge Certificate

This is a community, your community. Everyone expressing support with signing the #AFutureInSpace Pledge will receive a numbered certificate. With this the pledge number will be permitted access to the Space Advocacy online community and the opportunity to participate at our virtual community events.

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  • We need more entry level jobs and internships in the space sector.
  • Space Education, entrepreneurship trainings, and startup support are key enablers.
  • Show people how utilizing resources more sustainably can lead to a circular economy.

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